Classes & Prices

Introductory Offer

New to Physiyolates?  If so, your first class, either mat work or reformer, will be discounted by £5 upon booking online.

Group classes


60 minute class

  • Drop in, £12

    Single Class

  • 6 Class Pass, £66

    £11 per class

  • 10 Class Pass, £100

    £10 per class

  • Yogalates

    A fusion of Pilates and Yoga that flow seamlessly together to offer a total body workout that will leave you feeling stronger, leaner and calmer. The use of a wide variety of equipment and exercises ensure that no two classes are the same.

  • Hatha Yoga

    An inclusive welcoming class which builds strength flexibility and stamina as we nourish all the systems of the body.  An emphasis is on teaching students the safe and stable alignment of each yoga posture with a calming centering breathing practice to create a sense calm, peace and relaxation.  This class is suitable for beginners.

Pilates Reformer

55 minute class

  • Drop in, £15

    Single Class

  • 6 Class Pass, £78

    £13 per class

  • 10 Class Pass, £120

    £12 per class

  • Reformer Pilates: Induction to Integrated Structural Fitness

    This session is a pre-requisite to joining our totally unique Integrated Pilates Programme.

    Come and meet us in our relaxed, boutique setting so we can introduce you to the amazing experience of using the famous Pilates Reformer!  We will help you create your own individualised pilates programme based on your own lifestyle goals.

  • Classic Reformer Pilates

    This full-body workout will leave you feeling as if you have stretched, strengthened, balanced and re-aligned your whole body. A strong emphasis is placed on building core structural strength.

    Focus is placed on original Joseph Pilates principles and methodology as practised and endorsed by celebrities and elite athletes all over the world.

  • Dynamic Reformer Pilates

    This intense, dynamic full body workout creates a lean, toned, strong and flexible body.

    Loved and endorsed by celebrities, this Pilates strengthening programme will leave you feeling energised and invigorated.

    You will never tire of this workout, as there is always the optional addition of extra resistance, weights, props and cardio tramps to increase intensity and work muscle groups to fatigue.

  • Cardio Reformer Pilates

    Get ready to feel the burn!!!

    This high energy, up tempo cardio class will utilise the Stott Pilates Cardio-Tramp®.  This HIIT inspired class will turn the reformer into a fat burning machine as you boost your stamina and energy levels to the next level!

  • 60+ Reformer Pilates

    This class is specifically designed for our senior clientele.

    Focusing on correcting posture and the re-learning of the activation and control of our core muscles.  Years of doing most of our day to day duties in a forward flexed position leads to poor posture and the actual “turning off” or relaxation of certain muscles, all of which eventually lead to bad habits.  This class will teach you how to turn these muscles back on while also providing all the other benefits both Pilates and regular exercise has to offer.  With such a big core focus, it will have you stronger than you’ve ever been before.

Private Sessions

Private and unique 60 minute sessions based on individual lifestyle goals.  Please call Paula on 01564 781696 to arrange.

  • Single Session, £60

  • Block of 6, £342

    £57 per session

  • Block of 10, £540

    £54 per session

Please note that pricing and availability information displayed on the Website or in the Studio is subject to change without notice.


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