Gut Health

Your gut is one of the most important organs in your body and yet most people don’t realise it! We have heard the phrase ‘gut instinct’ and having a ‘gut feeling’ for many years but why is that? Why not one of our other organs?

The reason? Its all down to bacteria that are in the gut literally trillions of them, in fact making us only 10% human and collectively they weight 3 to 4lbs and are known as the microbiome.

So why is a collection of micro-organisms so important? It’s due to the fact they are unique to you as your fingerprint and influence so many aspects of your health including immunity, brain health, hormone production, digestion, fertility, joints, your weight and even influencing our genetics.

Approach & Objectives

Firstly we are going to make the science very simple  – we don’t all have a PhD in Bio-Chemistry!  There is a team of us working together to provide integrated approach including a Doctor, Nutritionist and Health Coaches.  We will support you to create optimal gut health by explaining the key steps you can take to improve your health.

Take the first steps to find out how what’s happening in your gut can be impacting on your health. We will give you an analysis profile so you can see where you need to focus on to feel better and improve your health. We offer a 30 to 40 min appointment completely free, day, evening and some weekend appointments available.

Our Gut Health Programme

We run a 21-day gut reset programme starting on the first Monday of every month. This programme will absolutely set you up for good gut health  – think of it as a car service for your body , clearing out the bad bacteria and increasing the good bacteria to gain all the health benefits of better sleep, weight loss, better mood and more energy.

Gut Health Friendly Products

Confused about what probiotics to take?  Unsure of the difference between a prebiotic and a probiotic? Would like to know more about fermented foods? We have done to research for you and stock a range of high quality, scientifically proved gut health products that get results. All available at the clinic in Knowle and to order online.

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